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HydroFlow Water Conditioners - FAQ

Does the technology change the composition of the cold water?
No, the technology does not change the chemical composition of the water in any way. It works purely on a physical basis, leaving the water completely safe.



Does the technology also descale, as well as prevent scale?

Yes, although it may be a gradual process over a period of months. The way in which our technology prevents lime scale from forming on pipe work also permits any lime scale, which had already formed to gradually dissolve. However, not all scale is lime scale. Some scale cannot be dissolved and can only be removed by acid cleaning. Once a system is cleaned it is less likely to scale up again.



What is the difference between the small commercial HydroFlow unit and large industrial HydroFlow units?

One main difference is the different power output per cubic millimeter. This simply means the industrial model like the Aquaklear P treats a larger volume of water than say the Aquaklear J62. Please seek advice from your Nano Tek-On expert who will provide you with the optimum solution.



Are all HydroFlow conditioners fully guaranteed?

Should any fault occur to a commercial / industrial unit during the first three years of operation it will be replaced or repaired free of charge. – 
See also installation instructions.



Does the signal have an effect on sensitive electrical equipment?

No, the signal is a long-wave radio signal on a frequency of 100-200KHz and conforms to European and International Directives including the Low Voltage Directive. Therefore sensitive electrical equipment such as pacemakers will not be affected.



After installing Hydroflow is the water supply just as drinkable as before?

Hydroflow does not change the chemical composition of the cold water supply. It works purely on a physical basis, leaving the water completely drinkable, and essential minerals that were present before are retained in the water, without any changes.



Is an electric supply required?

Yes, HydroFlow has a specifically designed transformer power supply for  your  electrical system. HydroFlow only uses 1amp of energy and it will bring savings to your electrical bill.



Where is the best place to install the HydroFlow industrial and commercial models?

As our range of electronic water conditioners treat a whole range of problems, it is important that you seek advice from a Nano Tek-On trained specialist in HydroFlow technology. This way you will achieve optimum results from our technology.



How do I know my unit is working?

This all depends on the model you have. First check to see that the light is on. With the domestic and small commercial models this will be a red light. With the large industrial units the PSU has a red and green light. This light not only shows the unit has power, but that the signal is propagating throughout the whole system. If the light is dimmed, it may be that the model is placed within a short circuit and cannot propagate throughout the system.



How do I see results?

It depends on the application, and which model has been installed. For example, if it is an algae problem, you will see a marked reduction, and you will radically reduce your chemical usage. For the consequences of lime scale in the household you will no longer see lime scale buildup. Check your showerheads and taps and you will notice for yourself. The optimum results depend on where you install the device, the integrates of the water source, and other factors. In any case you can consult with your Nano Tek-On expert.



Is lime scale bad for one’s health?

No. Lime scale contains minerals e.g. calcium that is good for teeth and bones. There is no direct connection between lime scale and kidney stones, which are formed by other substances. However, lime scale is bad for the health of your water-using appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, etc.


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