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NanoTek-On carries a diverse range of products for a wide spectrum of applications


Glass and Tile Protective Coatings for Commercial & Residential


Nano Tek-On seals glass, tile & grout, porcelain, stainless steel,

stone, granite, marble, brick, limestone, slate, concrete


Corrosion is viewed as a fact of life in Hawaii. Look around and you’ll see streaky picture windows, discolored marble facades and shower doors with crusty white spots and calcium deposits. This damage is caused as often by neglect as by incorrect-cleaning.


Now Oahu’s residents and businesses can protect their granite kitchen counters, remove glass spots, seal grout, remove mold & mildew from shower stalls, etc. with chemical-free sealants from Nano Tek-On. 


Glass, stone metal and other architectural materials have microscopic pores on their surface. These pores are collection points for contaminants like water, dust, oil, salt, mildew, bacteria, lime and other minerals.  Constant exposure to these contaminants spots, stains, corrodes, and oxidizes the surfaces, destroying the new, natural look of the material. Once these contaminants penetrate the surface pores, they are extremely difficult to remove.  When harmful chemicals are used to clean these surfaces, they open the surface pores inviting in more contaminants and speeding the deterioration process.


Nano Tek-On’s sealant technology works with the natural structure and chemistry of a surface material, not against it. Nano Tek-On’s protective treatment seals, protects, and restores glass, ceramic tile, natural stone, porcelain, and even stainless steel. It chemically bonds to the surface at the atomic level, filling the microscopic crevices to create a super-hydrophobic surface -- highly water repellent.  This means that Nano Tek-On’s permanent sealer prevents water, oils, and other contaminants from staining the surface. 


Sealing glass, stone, and other porous surfaces also substantially increases the hygienic quality of the glass by removing the crevices where bacteria and microbes hide and grow.


Ecologically friendly, Nano Tek-On, a Hawaii corporation, is the leader in producing green surface cleaning and superior protection products for glass, metal and stone surfaces – extensively researching and developing its products over an 11-year period.  Nano Tek-On has achieved this by using non-reactive coatings that remain in place permanently. These coatings then require far less water consumption to remain clean – and there is a substantial reduction in the use of cleaning agents.


Consumer protection and safety is an important element in the Nano Tek-On product line, which is created from environmentally-safe polymers that do not contain harsh chemicals or solvents. Clean and hygienic, Nano Tek-On products work at the microscopic level to treat hard surfaces without harming the environment. Nano Tek-On successfully tested these products following America Standardized Testing Methods (ASTM). This strenuous testing has brought you revolutionary products that are capable of providing long-lasting protection on almost all manufactured surfaces, with limited maintenance.


With the reduction of maintenance, Nano Tek-On products lessen your need for power and water consumption, further establishing Nano Tek-On as an industry leader in green products.


Nano Tek-On
Environmentally-friendly nanotechnology treatments for Hawaii