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NanoTek-On carries a diverse range of products for a wide spectrum of applications




Residential Testimony - April 24, 2013 <pdf file>


I would recommend Nanotek as they are more than willing to accomplish the task at hand. They did well over and above average to grant my wishes for a 100% satisfaction with the job. My guest bathroom and master bathroom are both shiny and spotless. My kitchen has a new-like floor. I am completely happy and satisfied with the services. It was well worth the money spent. Thank you Harald for the special touch.


Much Aloha


Lorraine Weatherton

Honolulu, Hawaii


Residential Testimonial - J62 - June 1, 2012 <pdf file>


I call Harald von Sydow my "Miracle Man." He gave me a 'new kitchen' without having to replace some stainless steel appliances. I managed to ruin my stainless steel sink with an acidic floor cleaner. I was resigned to the expensive of a total sink replacement. Nano Tek-On totally renewed the finish, along with all of my other stainless steel appliances. The front door handle is a custom made handles and it rusted du to our salt air. It is now as shiny as the day it was installed in 1995.


Nano Tek-On has also provided these services for us:

• treated our shower doors so the calcium in the water doesn't adhere. We have a beautiful shine in the glass without scrubbing.

• installed a hydroflow attachment to the water heater that prevents the accumulation of calcium in our pipes. We won't need to replace the rod in the water heater every few years. Our faucets are clear of the ugly white residue that once required a lot of maintenance.

• treated our flagstone with a special invisible coating that is warranted for 10 years. Previously we had 911 impregnator on the outside flagstone. The sun disintegrates the product and there is no warranty for our impregnator coatings for exterior treatments. Water now beads in our flagstone around the pool and showers.

• identified and treated a mold problem caused by an old chest. The room is now totally mold free.

• restored travertine countertops so they look new.


Harald and his workmen treated our home as if it was their residence. They were efficient, knowledgeable, and timely. His office staff kept me informed of progress and scheduling was done to accommodate my availability at home. As a property manager, your time is valuable because you have many clients to service. You can trust Nano Tek-On to update and maintain critical elements of your Hawaiian home properties exposed to sun and salt air corrosion.


Gail Hawkins, Private Tutor


Residential Testimonial - J62 - June 1, 2012 <pdf file>

The below letter was sent by a satisfied residential customer, for a J62 unit bought 11/02/11


Hi Helena:
I love the pool one.  The water is so clear now!  I can even see tiny insects floating under the surface that I could not see before.  I don’t have to use chemicals (super blue) anymore to make micro debris sediment down.  Also I now use only 1/3 the amount of non-chlorine shock.  Next I will slowly reduce the amount of chlorine tabs that I use. 


Harvey Minatoya

Honolulu, HI


Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa <pdf file with photos>

Field Test Conclusion

Algae reduction: The algae reduced by over 90%.

Water clarity: The increased clarity was noticeable within 3 days.

Maintenance: The hotel completely stopped vacuuming the water fixture!


Marriott Koolina Beach Club <pdf file with photos>

Field Test Conclusion

Algae reduction: The algae reduced by over 90%.

Water clarity: The increased clarity was noticeable within 3 days.

Maintenance: The hotel completely stopped the use of UV lighting and algae treatment! Looking to reduce the use of back wash time and frequency of their 5 filers.


Residential Testimonial - HS48 <pdf file>


I had to go thru one more cleaning cycle on my shower to realize that the white build up on the glass has not been coming back (at least not like before).  I really think that the Hydroflow device really works by destroying the cal carious crystals in the water pipes and prevents them from being deposited on my shower glass.  I think that it might also be helping my energy consumption in my water heater too, but I did not measure any results.


Herb Chock


Residential Testimonial - J62 <pdf file>


As I told Harold on the phone, the Hydroflow unit has been operating for 2 months on my salt-water swimming pool plumbing. The pool water is sparkling-clear, and the white scale on the water-line tile is much reduced...almost gone. I like the results, and will continue to marvel at the cleanliness and clarity of the water.



Robert Morrison