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HydroFlow - Case Studies / Field Tests


Water Fixture - Alakea Tower » pdf file


Location: Honolulu Hawaii USA


Application: Commercial Pond


Purpose of Installation: Improve water clarity and reduce maintenance


First inspection: 9/20/11

Final inspection: 1/4/12


Installation Details

Model of Water Conditioners: J62
Pipe Diameter (OD): 2.40" by the pump and 4.53 at the circulation pipes Pipe Material: PVC
Installation location: Before the circulation pump
Installation Date: September 20, 2011


1. General
The water fixture has 2 water pumps one for the filtration and one for the water circulation due to volume of water jets.
Note: Nano Tek-On sent the proposal to install a Hydroflow unit J62 to the circulation pump due to a larger volume of water flow in the circulation pump than in the filtration pump.

2. Problem
Maintenance; challenge to keep the water fixture using a minimum of chemicals and prevent scam build up on the tiles. The chemical in the water splashes over the granite around the water fixture and stains the granite, which eventually requires polishing. To polish the granite the water fixture has to be emptied, causing water waste and manual resources. In addition to the above, this water fixture has to be drained once a month, cleaned and new water put in due to the pollution and organic debris that fall in the water constantly.

A second HydroFlow system is not necessary in this case due to the small volume of the water fixture.

3. The Recommended Solution
Hydropath Technology provides the best results when the unit is installed where most of the water is being circulated.

4. Expected results
a. Water clarity noticeable in 5 days.
b. Reduction of chemicals in the order of 50% of more
c. Reduction of existing limescale on the tiles
d. Effective reduction of the acid for PH control.
e. Reduction of scum limes.
f. Reduction of maintenance costs.
g. Reduction of Backwashing.
h. Reduction of chemical stain on the granite surrounding the water fixture.
i. Reduction of having to change the water once of twice a month.


Recommended Installation Location




- September 20, 2011 - installed J62


- October 6, 2011 -


- October 24, 2011 - cleaning


- November 10, 2011 -


- January 4, 2012 -





1. The water improvement was noticeable from 9/20/11 to 10/06/11.

2. 10/24/11 inspection; the water fixture and the surrounding granite had just been cleaned, therefore no difference was recorded.

3. A reduction of 50% of chemicals was achieved.

4. The granite is no longer staining by the chemicals in the water.

5. The water fixture has not been drained in the last 2 1/2 months and water is perfectly good, by that, saving 2500 gallons of water each time.


Important issues to note regarding water fixtures and similars

1. Open Water fixtures and ornamental ponds: It is important to install the HydroFlow unit on

the pipe where most of the water volume circulates in order to improve the water quality.

2. The incoming water has to be away from the drain or scupper to allow the entire water volume to circulate through the HydroFlow unit.