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HydroFlow - Case Studies / Field Tests


Water Fixture - Topa Tower » pdf file


Location: Honolulu Hawaii USA | First inspection: 9/20/11


Application: Commercial Pond


Purpose of Installation: Improve water clarity and reduce maintenance


Installation Details


Model of Water Conditioners: J62


Pipe Diameter (OD): 2.38" | Pipe Material: PVC


Installation location: Before the circulation pump


Installation Date: September 13, 2011




1. General
The water fixture has 2 water pumps one for the filtration and one for the water circulation due to volume of water jets.
Note: Nano Tek-On sent the proposal to install a Hydroflow unit J62 before the filtration pump only. Due to the large size of the circulation pipes the cost of installation of a large HydroFlow unit to the circulation piping will not be feasible.

2. Problem
High maintenance; hight cost of labor and water to clean the water fixture and piping due to the accumulation of algae during a long period. A second HydroFlow system is not necessary in this case due to the small volume of the water fixture.

3.The Recommended Solution

Hydropath Technology provides the best results when the unit is installed where most of the water is being circulated. One Hydroflow unit may be sufficient in this water fixture, installed before the filtration pump, since the filtration is on 24 hours a day and the circulation pump is on only 12 hours a day.


4. Expected results
a. Water Clarity.
b. Reduction of chemicals in the order of 80% of more.
c. Stable PH.
d. Reduce scum limes.
e. Reduce maintenance costs.
f. Reduce Backwashing.
g. Reduce chemical stain on the floor surrounding the water fixture.



Recommended Installation Location




Install J62 - September 13, 2011 -


- September 13, 2011 -


- October 24, 2011 -


- November 18, 2011


1. Reduction of chemicals in the order of 80% to 100% depending on the weather. As the weather is good no chemicals are needed if there is a heavy rain 10 to 20% of chemicals may be needed.

Important issues to note regarding this water fixtures.
1. Due to the smaller volume of water in this water fixture and the filtration pump being on 24 hours a day, a HydroFlow unit J62 will be able to work efficiently when installed before the filtration pump.